Variety of casino games


Casino game is a popular type of entertainment known nowadays. It is possible to gamble not only in land-based casino, but also in online one. From time to time there is even more amount of people, who prefer to play online. Online gambling has more advantages than real one. First of all, it safes time, secondly gives an opportunity to gamble for free and the most important, grant bonuses to its players. These two types of casinos have well-known games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Slots, Poker etc.

Types of casino games

There exist three types of casino games: random number games, table games and electronic machines. Random numbers such as craps and roulette, referred mostly to the games of fortune, because they have no strict strategy on how to win the game. The only strategy in this type lies in betting options. Therefore, in order to have more chances for win, player should be aware of all betting methods and choose the more appropriate.

Table card game, such as Blackjack, for example, is based on card counting strategy, which includes different mathematical systems of calculations.

Very well-known are:

  • Paroli Betting System
  • Parlay Betting System
  • Martingale Betting System
  • Labouchere Betting System

From table games, only card games may be considered as strategical games, which require particular skills and knowledge. Roulette, however, is considered both as a table game and random number. The meaning of roulette is to bet on the right color or number. The outcome depends on luck.

Electronic machines mostly known as slots are also based on random number generator. This program generates spontaneous numbers almost all the time, even then, when slot machine doesn't occupied by a player. As other two types of games, electronic machines can be of several types, for example, Video poker, Lottery, Pachinko. The more played game in all casinos, as statistics shows, is slot. It is used either by newbies in order to penetrate in casino's atmosphere or by professional gamblers in order to get some rest.

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