Onlive vs Offline


Evidently the fighting scenes are visible between on-line casinos and traditionally overland casinos for capturing the people's dollars spent by them in gambling.

It is very difficult to decide, which one is the better option of the two similar alternatives, because of individual uniqueness and power displayed by them in different situations.

If a hotel based casino located in Las Vegas is considered, certainly it wins over online due to far better ambience offered. Even by extensive design capabilities sound and sight offered by such over land casino, which becomes the distinctive superiority exclusive to Los Vegas, can not be reproduced by even the topmost best online version.

Software Developers Face Reality Lacuna

It is a fact that the software manufacturing companies have failed to provide comparable glowing neon scene at strip while the online player is involved online casino game.

Next appreciable difference is of great roaring excitement of the players and onlookers around the crap tables, which again is missing in online casino artificially presented craps.

Whether it is at Vegas or the Atlantic cities in overland casinos, the cheering with echo effect is heard live all over on occasions of rolling of dice by the players, which is significantly missing at the online casino, with exception of online versions offering multiplayer chatting service otherwise the cheer is of the solitary online player.

Understanding through Baseball Analogy

The Overland and online casinos comparison can be understood from the playing of baseball game.

In the development of home based video games, the performance of E.A. Sports has successfully completed creating almost real and true replication of play sound effects.

The present day players are in video games depicted in very fast realistic motion, the previous ten year old game versions look stale in comparison. The visibility of grass in the playfield is very authentically reproduced. The sounds of the bat knocks are as good as the real play to the ears followed by cheering of crowd even the commentary of the play is provided.

Certainly the sight and sound, while viewing a live play of Fenway-Park can not be achieved, till E.A. Sports attain the capability of embedding the smell of hot dog snacks, crack jack, while developing the software.

The smell effect is the dividing line, which is hard to be copied and the overland casinos win over this count over online.

It is also to be considered that gambling represents entertainment and is far from gaming.

The hotel's casino lacks in reality the degree of winning chance by the player. The land based casino has plenty of variations, on account of which the player prefers online casino playing.

Incidentally the on-line casino version growth and development has taken place more in favor of the player and hence evidently considered superior by online casino players because of great winning cash. Unfortunately the over land casino lags behind considerably.

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