Craps Strategy


Craps win requires craps oriented strategy, with focus of betting at games presenting maximum odds for success. It looks comparatively simple, because house's edge opposing is significantly smaller, if one opts for right craps strategies aimed at winning.

The other advantageous situation while playing of craps has associated exciting and entertaining features given by game. It is time for having a view of craps strategies aimed at winning and enjoying immense fun.

Historical Account of Craps Game & Strategy

Spinning dice to attract wealth as well as possessing something of great value have roots from the ancient history recorded in 'Rig Veda's 'X : 34 Hymn 50' being recorded 1500 BC, which existed unrecorded as verbal expression, in still older times.

The present day craps game is governed by its particular regulations and betting traditions, certainly the difference is negligible.

Facing Odds with Craps Strategies

The game of today is so designed that one can by following the strategies, the odds can be changed into evens, by having patience, adequate stake and right knowledge, the result being a winning event.

One can ignore the advice of a miserable king, who had to lose the kingdom as mentioned in 'Hymn 50' with the advice of tilling in field instead of holding Dice in the hand for creation of wealth spree. Ignoring all one can enjoy fun with feeling burnt.

Learning Basics of Craps strategies

The shape of craps table has unequal breadths being narrower at the remote end. The shooter is located at the narrow end, engaged in throwing the dice far away to opposite broad end.

The rule states by rolling '7 or 11' one is winning and if it is '2, 3 or 12' one loses. By the different number one gets chance for throwing of dice again and again till one wins or loses. Earlier 7 was a winning number now it becomes a losing number.

Odd of the Craps strategies

There is a secret to win the craps game by applying strategy while betting and attempt to position odds very near to even, at this point house has a low edge.

Viewing Excellent Bets for Building Craps Strategy

At the betting table there is 'Pass' or 'No Pass' betting area. Pass-line betting is declared winning with appearance of '7 or 11' the 'Do not pass' line is winning if shooter has thrown '2, 3 or 12'. This is termed the craps.

One can see many examples of bets, but the stress is in having odds in favor. Such a bet is termed as 'Free Odds Bet' and should be incorporated in the winning strategy.

Getting Free Odds Betting

It is accessible only, when the bet appears at pass line. It is termed as 'free odds' since the house seems to be unaffected by allowing the player for use Odds bet. House has insignificant advantage by such a step. The rules are exhaustive one can learn it from a reliable source and practice.

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