Baccarat Strategy


One eagerly looks for a formula like '1, 3, 2 and 6' related to Baccarat strategy, which has proven worth but is still considered as some thing of fiction by the gambling community.

Majority of the times many of the systems including baccarat strategy, which promise of winning every time become false in their promises. These mislead and talk about information which is found to be useless.

Similar to many of the casino games, Baccarat winning is primarily to luck, for which no kind of manipulation works, if the odds are unfavorable.

Although based on the information one is guided to take decision, boosting the chance of winning.

Role of '1, 3, 2 & 6' in Baccarat Strategies

'1, 3, 2 & 6' in Baccarat Strategies has a role in even money pay off and hence is suitable for the game besides some of the casino games

It is to be considered that these strategies are not intended to enhance the winning frequency to cent percent. It only puts limitations, which are helpful in reduction of losses.

Following the Baccarat System Sequence

So as to enable the system's working there is necessity of tracing and writing the bet during four consecutive game rounds. The betting amount is divided into four units & in the first place a single unit is played, in case the first round there are winning results, to one unit add the amount won, thus the betting amount now is sum of three units.

  • In case next round also becomes a winning situation, now there are 6 units to play, but as indicated by the system do subtraction of four units & play bet with 2 units only.
  • In case fourth bet is also a win, now add two more units making it 6. Now the resulting profit shall become equalling to 12 units. Thus '1, 3, 2 & 6' multiplies the money. It is to be assumed that every time is not going to be a winning situation.
  • In case 1st bet gets lost, there is loss of one bet unit only. The losing situation at third level it shall be 2 bet units because of 4 units which had accumulated as result of two wining which were achieved before.
  • In case of losing while playing fourth level it is 6 units less 6 units one had won earlier bring to a stage of nothing lost.

There is nothing to worry in case first 3 bets were won, the fourth being lost reflects no loss no profit situation.

This brings to the conclusion Baccarat being a system also proves its efficacy, yet one is needed to consider that one takes chances, the system functions as guide for restricting losses and bring profits if chances are favorable.

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